Engine Rebuilders Educational Foundation

The purpose of the Engine Rebuilders Educational Foundation (EREF) is to establish scholarships and provide grants to assist those who desire training in the field of engine building and rebuilding.


Selection Method

Scholarship and grant recipients will be chosen based on qualifications and information provided in the letter from the applicant or employer outlining why he/she should be considered and the written explanation describing how the course will benefit the applicant and employer.

Several grants and scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis. No AERA member shall be awarded more than one grant per year nor any training facility more than 25% of the available scholarships per year. The employer will remain anonymous to the Board of Governors during the grant selection process.


Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships are available to any qualified applicant for the purpose of providing educational assistance to those seeking a career in the field of engine rebuilding. Scholarships are available for amounts of up to $1000 each.

Grants are available to current AERA members and their employees only. Grant awards will be considered for any program which will benefit the applicant and employer in the job function. A letter must be submitted from the sponsoring employer outlining why the applicant should be considered for a grant.

EREF Scholarships and Grants Application Form


Grant to attend AERA Tech & Skills Regional Conferences

The EREF will provide grant money to students enrolled in engine rebuilding classes who register for an AERA Tech & Skills Regional Conference. The scholarship is limited to FIVE selected students each regional conference. This amount, up to $175 per student, will include the registration fee and can be used to pay for gas, hotel and meals. The student must attend and will be reimbursed after providing us with receipts, after the seminar is held. The student is requested to get an instructor signature on the form to verify attendance at a member school.

EREF Grant to attend AERA Tech & Skills Regional Conferences Application Form
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